Songs to Kiss To

We all love a good kiss. Sometimes its nice to have a soundtrack whilst engaging in this wonderful past time. I will be adding to this list but for the time being pucker those lips and get smooching to these dreamy tunes.

At Last – Etta James
So Close – John McLaughlin
Fall For You – Secondhand Seranade
Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional
Hero/Heroine – Boys Like Girls
Your Kiss Is On My List – Daryl Hall and John Oats
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Forever – Chris Brown
Feels Like Tonight – Daughty
Cherry Pie – Sade
By Your Side – Sade
No Ordinary Love – Sade
Chocolate – Kylie Minogue
Don’t Leave Home – Dido
Stealing Time – Above and Beyond
Liquid Love – Above and Beyond
Can’t Sleep – Above and Beyond#
Empty Street – Late Night Alumni
Kiss You – Nadia Ali
Is It Love – Nadia Ali

Five Tips for Choosing Songs

Congratulations!!!!! You are engaged and if you have hired a professional wedding entertainer then just sit back and chill out. We are here to help you with all the aspects of your wedding music.

First, if you have no idea of what you want for your wedding music then all you have to do is ask. As wedding entertainers we have a lot of experience of which songs work and which songs don’t.

Second, sit down as a newly engaged couple and write down songs that you like – be mindful of the lyrics in songs though, although some songs have beautiful melodies sometime the words really aren’t appropriate for weddings.

Third, let your wedding entertainer know which songs are special to you so that they can place them at key points in your day.

Fourth, have a serious think about any songs that should not be performed. I once saw the horrified face of a bride as I began to sing their first dance song at the wedding breakfast! I was like a slow motion car crash! I stopped immediately.

Fifth, remember that the music that you play at your wedding will always be with you so take the time to choose carefully.

Don’t DIY

In this current financial climate there seems to be quite a bit of talk in the online community between brides-to-be and grooms-to-be about using music on their ipods or cds that is to be played either during the ceremony or the reception. Personally I do not feel threatened by this, but I would like to point out some of the benefits of hiring a professional musician and leaving the DIY for the home.

Let’s take a look at this clinically. To make your wedding day all you had imagined you will probably be spending a lot of money on great quality food, an amazing venue, a imaginative photographer, beautiful flowers, outfits that look fantastic and much more. You do this because you want the best for your wedding day. So why overlook the music? It has been said by most brides and grooms to be one of the most important elements that creates the overall atmosphere and tone of the day.

Most wedding professional have worked for many years perfecting their service and it is the same with professional wedding musicians. We know how to work and communicate with you and your wedding team, fitting the music to perfectly suit your day. We carefully select from a wide range of songs, plan everything with you, rehearse the music, choose exactly what equipment to bring, consider aesthetics, acoustics, speaker placement, safety and constantly monitor the volume so that the music is just right for your guests to enjoy both listening and conversation. We work hard to ensure that we are helping to create a lovely, memorable ambience.

Professional wedding musicians do not just rock up and play. There is so much more that goes into getting it right and creating the perfect wedding soundtrack. You wouldn’t expect to get McDonalds from your caterers and so shouldn’t settle for a mediocre CD or a cheap as chips musician.

Make sure to check out their credentials. Look at the testimonials and the venues visited and ask around. Make sure that you find out what you are getting for your money, and if possible, ask to see some footage of a LIVE performance!

In my 10 years of experience I can honestly say that there is no substitute for a professional.

Wedding Singer FAQs

Can you perform at more than one location at my wedding?
This depends on the situation. This shouldn’t be a problem if your service and reception are in the same area as this can just require moving speakers.  If not, there maybe a long enough gap for the musicians to take down and set up again, this is one way. Another way is if the musicians can bring more than one set of instruments. Do bear in mind that this can cost more due to extra transportation issues. This is something that would need to be discussed before booking.

Can we choose any of our own songs?
Most musicians will allow you to have some choice in the music that is played and may even offer to learn a new song just for you! However, they will be less likely be able to learn a whole albums worth of songs!

What do we get for our money?
You should expect to get a contract, have a choice of the music peformed, well rehearsed musicians, possibly lighting, music to cover any breaks, a decent sound system and peace of mind! If you are in anyway unsure, ask more questions…

Would you travel abroad?
Most musicians would be fine with travelling abroard to perform for you but you have to realise that this will not be a cheap decision.  Flights and accommodation that the entertainer will expect for you to pay are only the tip of the iceberg, there are a few aspects that you might not have thought about.

Most entertainers will have instruments, PA’s and lighting to bring and you wouldn’t believe it but they will have to arrive 12 hours before take off to have it booked in and wait for 12 hours after the plane has landed! There is always the posibility of the equipment not arriving and then there is a 24/48 hour wait for it to be flown over!! After they have picked up the equipment then there is the taxi to the hotel. You can see how this can be an expensive option. If however you can some how hire all that they need in the country that you have chosen then this will cut costs dramatically.

More FAQ’s coming soon

Wedding Marquees

Marquees can be wonderful for your wedding reception as they can be customised, be any size, have amazing lighting and be located virtually anywhere. As a wedding singer I have been lucky enough to perform in many great marquees on the grounds of wedding venues, in back gardens and on open hills overlooking beautiful views!

If you are thinking of using a marquee, here are some things to consider when you planning your day…

It is very important to know that your power supply will be adequate for everything that you need on your wedding day. There are often heating, lighting, catering and entertainment power requirements. This is likely to require a lot of AC power, and one or two power points feeding extension cables may not be able to cope! If the added power requirements on any socket exceeds 13Amps, or if there are any power spikes – fuses will blow or worse! Also, many extension cables can only operate at low currents – especially when still coiled up! Dangerous overheating of extension cables and fusebox fires are some of the possible nightmares waiting to happen. To understand all of this requires knowledge of the main electrical fusebox and fuse ratings, the ring main layout and state and age of the wiring, along with load spreading, spike allowance or prevention, equipment current loadings and more! You may need a specific generator to cope if you are far from a power source or if your power requirements exceed the supply.  I would suggest that you discuss the power requirements with all parties involved and talk to a qualified electrician for guidance.

I performed recently in a marquee and 10 minutes before everything was about to start all power was lost due to overloading, and I have to say this was an awful experience for everyone involved.

When you first plan your table layout try to think about the evening celebrations. Do you need a dance floor laid out or can it be placed after the tables have been moved. If it is the latter then you would need to calculate the time needed and add it to your schedule.

Also, think about where your musicians will perform. The correct amount of space to set-up is a must – It’s rather difficult for a 5 piece band to perform well in a small corner, so it’s best to ask them how much space they would like, and how much space they need. This way you can work out the best balance for your evening.  Do think about where to place your entertainment. You should try to make sure that the performing area is as flat and as hard as possible – large speakers balancing on high stands on uneven floors = trouble. You will also want to make sure that everyone is able to see the entertainment, otherwise you might as well use a recording and that’s not what live entertainment is about. – We want to engage the audience so we can all have a fabulous time!

Whether you are planning to have your wedding reception at a private residence or on a local village green – your noise will carry! If you think your entertainment is going to be quite loud it would be wise to notify the neighbours or perhaps invite them to join you. If you are using hotel grounds, they will be able to tell you about any volume restrictions and cut off times. If you don’t do this you could find that your 10pm band can only play until 11pm, or that your entertainment brings the wrong PA system, rehearses the wrong genres or simply cannot perform hard rock under 100 decibels.

Safety and Insurance
Is your marquee totally waterproof?
Does your marquee meet current fire regulations?
Is your marquee insured?
What is the marquee owners policy on accidental damage?
Do all 3rd parties carry adequate public liability insurance?

Will your marquee be setup safely and will third parties ensure they take the necessary precautions to maintain this safety? (Not trailing loose cables across public areas, not overloading power sockets, restricting access to dangerous areas/equipment, considering dangers to children etc)

In the end you want to have as little stress on your wedding day as possible, and so I hope this helps with your planning a safe and successful event in the great outdoors!

Disclaimer: These are just a few ideas for you to consider in the planning of your day. This list is in no way exhaustive nor complete and Laura will not be held responsible for any wedding nightmares!

‘No-No’ Wedding Songs

I love to sing most songs, but unfortunately there are a few that you should be careful to request for your special day.

Send in the Clowns by Stephen Sondheim
A beautiful but definately a sad song.

Every Breath You Take by the Police
Lovely song but it is about a stalker… need I say more?

My Heart Will Go On performed by Celine Dion
This is another beautiful song, but is about living after someone you love died. And don’t forget that the boat sank!

I Will Always Love You performed by Whitney Houston
Perfect right? Well here are some lyrics;  “If I should stay…I would only be in your way…so I’ll go…bittersweet memories…that is all I’m taking with me…so good-bye…we both know I’m not what you need”!

Beauty and the Beast performed by Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson
Do you want to call your new husband a beast?

One of the main things that you should so before deciding on your wedding music is to listen to the lyrics,  some songs sound amazing but may not be appropriate.

Choose carefully… :)

My Favourtie Wedding Songs

When I am booked to perform I am often asked my opinion on song choices. Some brides and grooms just don’t know what songs to choose to walk down the aisle to or which ones to dance their first dance to. I thought that I would write a few of my favourite wedding songs down as suggestions.

When walking down the aisle you want something that is going to make everyone start crying!!! This was my main agenda when I got married… Songs that are great for this are;

Amazed as performed by Lonestar
To Make You Feel My Love as performed by Adele
Colour of My Love
as performed by Celine Dion
I’ll Always Love You
as performed by Whitney Huston
Just Like Heaven
as performed by Katie Melua
Drift Away sung
as performed Laura Napier-Burrows
as performed by Laura Napier-Burrows

Of course when you are dancing that first dance you want everyone to feel “Ahhhh” and the songs below are great for this;

Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
At Last
To Make You Feel My Love
No Ordinary Love
All The Way
At Last
Falling Into You

Have fun choosing!

Top Tips for Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

Choosing the Right Entertainment

It’s always a good idea to have the right music playing in the right place at the right time. With the right selection, music can help to create the magic and make your day complete. With the wrong selection you might find yourself walking down the aisle to thrash metal violin or shouting over the drum solo during the wedding breakfast.

Perhaps you would prefer something special for your walk down the aisle. Maybe a beautiful song or a soft acoustic instrumental piece would be a nice choice. Either way both the music and the performer should be special to you. When recieving your guests, having drinks and during the wedding breakfast, you might want something that is well balanced so that it fills the silences yet doesn’t spoil the conversation. If you plan to see the evening out in style then decide if your guests are the kind that will will want to dance or would prefer to watch a more cabaret style performance. Either way try to book the correct type of band with a professional sound system (and lighting?) that will cater for your venue.

Get It In Writing

It is very important that you have everything in writing and signed by both parties. This way both hirer and the artist/band should understand what is being agreed. Also make sure that every e-mail is kept and phone call written down so that you can remember how things are developing.

Entertainment  Schedule

For everybody’s peace of mind put together a clear schedule of timings so that the performer knows when and where you will be needing them to perform. Careful preparation means that everyone is happy knowing what is happening and when, who is in charge, who will be giving cues and what happens if… This is especially at important moments like walking down the aisle or for the first dance!


This stands for Very Important Person of Contact. On your big day, why not let the entertainment deal with a trusted member of the wedding party instead of worrying you! Nothing worse than having to stop getting yourself ready to go and show the performers where to set-up! Discuss everything with your VIPC and give the entertainment their mobile number so that arrangements and communication are problem free on the day.

Your Special Song and Music For You

What kind of songs would you like on your day? Do you love jazz standards or Frank Sinatra perhaps? Do you want medium tempo songs or upbeat swing? Maybe you are happy with the musicians choice, but if there is a playlist you could choose some of your favourites.

For your service or first dance, don’t be afraid to ask for a special song(s) that you might want that isn’t on the playlist. If  this is an option, give the musician plenty of  time to find the song and learn it. The day before doesn’t win brownie points!

The Performers Fee

Sometimes a quote for entertainment might be higher than expected, but do please remember what goes into preparation and the performance. Musicans will very often rehearse for hours prior to each performance. They will prepare music, equipment, clothes and make-up. Travel can be upto 5 hours each way followed by loading/unloading at each end, often arriving 2 hours before their performance to set-up and soundcheck. Also, they need to cover travel costs, food and drink and a variety of other expenses. Don’t forget to pay them! This is often done on the day but can easily be forgotton, which can be embarrasing for everyone!

Agree the Arrival Time

If you want the musicians to setup and soundcheck before your guests arrive you will need to talk with the venue so that they are aware that people will be arriving early. Whatever you do don’t allow them to turn up 20 minutes before! You will become increadibly stressed out! This is something that is a good idea to discuss on when you book. Perhaps you could ask for the arrival/setup time to be written on the contract.

Venue Restrictions

If the venue has certain sound restrictions then both you and the musicians need to know. The sound level is the big one.  It’s almost impossible for a drummer to play heavy rock music quietly. You don’t want the neighbours to moan, the music to cut-out or the delicate 16th century chandeliers to explode! Also, making sure that there is enough 13 Amp AC sockets is useful. If its a big band or has a big PA system make sure that the venues electric system can cope.


The bride looks beautiful, the groom looks handsome and everyone else looks amazing… then in walks the band… in jeans and grubby t-shirts!!! No, no, no! You need to make sure that the entertainment is going to look the part too,  so have a discussion with them in advance and ask what they normally wear. If it is jeans then this will give them time to put together something a little nicer! Another thought – you wouldn’t want the singer to up-stage you by wearing the same colour dress would you?

Food for Thought

I know that the Wedding Breakfast is not cheap, but do spare a thought for your musicains. Help them stay on top form and arrange for some food or light snacks and soft drinks and they will be entertaining with a smile.