Don’t DIY

In this current financial climate there seems to be quite a bit of talk in the online community between brides-to-be and grooms-to-be about using music on their ipods or cds that is to be played either during the ceremony or the reception. Personally I do not feel threatened by this, but I would like to point out some of the benefits of hiring a professional musician and leaving the DIY for the home.

Let’s take a look at this clinically. To make your wedding day all you had imagined you will probably be spending a lot of money on great quality food, an amazing venue, a imaginative photographer, beautiful flowers, outfits that look fantastic and much more. You do this because you want the best for your wedding day. So why overlook the music? It has been said by most brides and grooms to be one of the most important elements that creates the overall atmosphere and tone of the day.

Most wedding professional have worked for many years perfecting their service and it is the same with professional wedding musicians. We know how to work and communicate with you and your wedding team, fitting the music to perfectly suit your day. We carefully select from a wide range of songs, plan everything with you, rehearse the music, choose exactly what equipment to bring, consider aesthetics, acoustics, speaker placement, safety and constantly monitor the volume so that the music is just right for your guests to enjoy both listening and conversation. We work hard to ensure that we are helping to create a lovely, memorable ambience.

Professional wedding musicians do not just rock up and play. There is so much more that goes into getting it right and creating the perfect wedding soundtrack. You wouldn’t expect to get McDonalds from your caterers and so shouldn’t settle for a mediocre CD or a cheap as chips musician.

Make sure to check out their credentials. Look at the testimonials and the venues visited and ask around. Make sure that you find out what you are getting for your money, and if possible, ask to see some footage of a LIVE performance!

In my 10 years of experience I can honestly say that there is no substitute for a professional.

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