Five Tips for Choosing Songs

Congratulations!!!!! You are engaged and if you have hired a professional wedding entertainer then just sit back and chill out. We are here to help you with all the aspects of your wedding music.

First, if you have no idea of what you want for your wedding music then all you have to do is ask. As wedding entertainers we have a lot of experience of which songs work and which songs don’t.

Second, sit down as a newly engaged couple and write down songs that you like – be mindful of the lyrics in songs though, although some songs have beautiful melodies sometime the words really aren’t appropriate for weddings.

Third, let your wedding entertainer know which songs are special to you so that they can place them at key points in your day.

Fourth, have a serious think about any songs that should not be performed. I once saw the horrified face of a bride as I began to sing their first dance song at the wedding breakfast! I was like a slow motion car crash! I stopped immediately.

Fifth, remember that the music that you play at your wedding will always be with you so take the time to choose carefully.