Wedding Singer FAQs

Can you perform at more than one location at my wedding?
This depends on the situation. This shouldn’t be a problem if your service and reception are in the same area as this can just require moving speakers.  If not, there maybe a long enough gap for the musicians to take down and set up again, this is one way. Another way is if the musicians can bring more than one set of instruments. Do bear in mind that this can cost more due to extra transportation issues. This is something that would need to be discussed before booking.

Can we choose any of our own songs?
Most musicians will allow you to have some choice in the music that is played and may even offer to learn a new song just for you! However, they will be less likely be able to learn a whole albums worth of songs!

What do we get for our money?
You should expect to get a contract, have a choice of the music peformed, well rehearsed musicians, possibly lighting, music to cover any breaks, a decent sound system and peace of mind! If you are in anyway unsure, ask more questions…

Would you travel abroad?
Most musicians would be fine with travelling abroard to perform for you but you have to realise that this will not be a cheap decision.  Flights and accommodation that the entertainer will expect for you to pay are only the tip of the iceberg, there are a few aspects that you might not have thought about.

Most entertainers will have instruments, PA’s and lighting to bring and you wouldn’t believe it but they will have to arrive 12 hours before take off to have it booked in and wait for 12 hours after the plane has landed! There is always the posibility of the equipment not arriving and then there is a 24/48 hour wait for it to be flown over!! After they have picked up the equipment then there is the taxi to the hotel. You can see how this can be an expensive option. If however you can some how hire all that they need in the country that you have chosen then this will cut costs dramatically.

More FAQ’s coming soon